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Your Home Equity Can Work for You

(Submited by: Martin Lukac )

"Use your home's equity to pay off your debt. It's easy and simple, no closing costs!" Every time I turn on the television, commercials bombard me telling me to take out a home equity line of credit. People are using their dream homes to pay for ... Read article

Home Equity Loan - Is It For You?

(Submited by: Keith Thompson )

A Home equity loan has become an easy way to not only pay off other non-deductible debt, but to come up with large wads of cash for remodeling projects, vacations and more. People have financed college educations with a home equity loan, so your ... Read article

Online Home Equity Loans: A Basic Glossary

(Submited by: John Ross )

Home equity loans can be a great idea for individuals looking to get out of debt or make necessary repairs on their homes. During the process, you will come across a variety of terms and acronyms. We have gathered together some of the basic ... Read article

Home Equity Loans - 5 Useful Application Tips

(Submited by: John Ross )

Obtaining a home equity loan does not have to be a major ordeal. Unlike your first mortgage, you are already in the home, and usually time is not such a major factor. You can close the loan at your own leisure, and take your time researching ... Read article

Home Equity Loan Tax Deductions

(Submited by: Richard Mccaffery )

Interest - is an amount you pay for the use of borrowed money.Several lenders are currenty offering amazing deals for 125% home equity loans. As highly advertized as these loans are they don't highly advertize that the ... Read article

Home Equity Can Create a Never-ending Money Cycle

(Submited by: Mark Barnes )

What could you do with $10,000? Well, you can have it, now in a new home equity loan! Did you know that if you have been in your home for just one full year, you may already have the opportunity to take out huge dollars in equity from your home ... Read article

Home Equity Loan Risks

(Submited by: Steve Austin )

Home equity loans give individuals a tool to extend their existing credit line by securing debt on the equity value of their existing homes. This access to easy and cheap money can lure the borrower into securing a debt for reasons which ... Read article

Home Equity Loans: A Useful Financial Tool

(Submited by: Steve Austin )

The investment need of an individual varies with time. Thus the need to buy a car or invest in a new house, which may have seemed "beyond means" a few years ago, may be a relevant and wise decision today. However, taking a consumer loan at ... Read article

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